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ambia Workshop Project - Exhibition Proposal

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Chishawasha's kids really enjoyed our final workshop exhibition, displayed by their peers on the walls of a classroom at Chishawasha's school in Lusaka - June 14, 2007. The show was produced with extremely simple means: 4x6 prints on cardboard - and looking real good! So good indeed - this 'final show' looked like only a starting point to us...

Fast forward to 2009: We now have a museum-quality exhibition available to a variety of exhibitors. Our Exhibition Proposal will answer most questions you may have (download print version here). The links below give additional information and make the proposal comprehensive. We also have an Exhibition Proposal Portfolio with work samples, a DVD and supporting materials. Venues with interest in exhibiting our project may request a personal presentation or portfolio drop-off.

Our primary exhibition goal is to offer an exceptional artistic and educational value to a variety of venues with a public mission. Our partnership with the Zambian Children's Fund, Chishawasha's US-Partner organization, signifies a shared commitment to inspire others to dream, to learn and to step into the frays of life. Please don't hesitate to ask questions and request our proposal portfolio package.

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All workshop film (35mm color negatives) was scanned at a quality good enough for editing and online presentation. Selective negatives were then drum-scanned and finalized as a high quality digital print file. This was a mayor determining factor of the visual qualities our exhibition has managed to realize. DOT Editions, an exhibition printing specialist in NYC is our production partner, offering a level of quality which is second to none. The resulting pigment on paper exhibition prints are indeed exquisite. Since November 01, 2007 online-visitors have been able to order prints at a promotional price. Subsidized by DOT Editions in-kind service donation, these online printorders have moved our exhibition plans along. Gallery visitors are equally able to browse and order exhibition-identical prints via a computer kiosk with online access.

Looking toward a second-tier of exhibitions, our complete exhibition was also rendered as chromogenic prints at sizes appropriate to accommodate fundraising events and venues with limited space.

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We partner up with exhibition venues, organizations and individuals who share our vision and can help to make it happen. We would like to thank our nationwide supporters - and welcome information requests from all exhibition venues. Sponsorship and donations continue to be very important; so is help and feed-back from wherever you may be hailing us.

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Thank you so much for your time and interest!

Greetings, Klaus Schoenwiese

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