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ambia Workshop -Events Calendar
Below you find the most recent info on upcoming shows, talks, events - We much hope to see you there sometime!

Starting in February 2011
Point.Shoot.See! - Exhibition on permanent display at the New American Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia

Limited Public Access - Location, access hours, details and Embassy contact info pending

We're very proud to report that a complete edition of our exhibition was acquired by the US Department of State - for permanent display at the newly built US Embassy in Lusaka Zambia. While details are still pending and public access will be limited for obvious reasons, a plan is in the making to invite our Chishawasha Photo Workshop students and CCHZ staff to the Embassy. Seeing Point.Shoot.See! return to Lusaka on this level is a real milestone - a goal we envisioned for this project from the start. I am very excited for my students to finally see their effort to be validated in a place where it counts - where they can personally participate! Thanks to everyone who had and has their hand in it!

Greetings, Klaus Schoenwiese

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Wednesday May 26 - Monday May 31/2010
Point.Shoot.See! - Exhibition at the Brookly Academy of Music (BAM)

Supported by - and in support of 'Dance Africa 2010' and 'Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation'
On Display at the Opera House Lobby - Peter Jay Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217

Hours: Monday-Saturday 12am-6pm and during performance hours

We're delighted about the invitation to show at this world-reknown cultural venue. The occasion couldn't be better as this year's 'Dance Africa' Festival performances at BAM shine a spotlight on Zambia. To compliment his recent photography workshop with young members of a fabulous community dance program at the 'Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration', Klaus Schoenwiese proudly presents his Zambian workshop student's best photographs - giving participants, festival guests and the general public alike opportunity to learn more about life in Zambia. Art exhibitions, Bazaar and BAMCafe access is free.

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Friday September 11 - Sunday November 01/2009
Closing Reception: Slide Show and Gallery Talk on Sunday November 01/2009 at 1pm.

Point.Shoot.See! - Inaugural Exhibition at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca
306 North Aurora Street (at the corner of Buffalo street) - Ithaca NY 14850

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm - Sunday: 10am to 1pm
Information: 607-273-7521

Workshop Director Klaus Schoenwiese proudly presents his workshop student's photographs. This fully curated and contextualized show - entitled 'Point.Shoot.See!' shows an edition of 24 workshop photographs taken by his twelve Zambian workshop students - on display as stunningly detailed 20x30 silverrag pigment on paper prints. On Sunday November 01 at 1pm, lunch snacks and a slide show will be served by the ZCF Ithaca work group and Photographer Kaus Schoenwiese. A gallery talk with Klaus - and with one of Ithaca's own: Sam Weeks - Chishawasha's most recent on-site director, will mark the closing of this exhibition.

What the 'Ithaca Times' has to say about Point.Shoot.See! - Read in Galleries : 'First Unitarian...' (Sep 23/2009)

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NY/NJ -Two-for-One Special: Both shows feature guest speaker and Chishawasha founder Kathe Padilla!!!

Welcome to Chishawasha - A photo documentation by Klaus Schoenwiese with special guest speaker Kathe Padilla!
On display from Friday October 10 - Thursday October 23/2008 (one of the invitations above - Scheduled Talks below)

NY-Reception on Friday October 10 at 7.00pm at Zuzu's Leaf and Bean, 453 Main Street - Beacon, NY 12508
(Kathe's talk closely follows the opening reception and a short presentation by Klaus Schoenwiese)
NJ- Reception on Sunday October 12 at 10.30am at Christ Church , 561 Sprinfield Avenue - Summit, NJ 07901
(Kathe's talk and presentation follows the morning service - steps away at Barnwell Hall where the show is on display)

Zambia is one of the world's poorest nations, with about two-thirds of its population of 11 million subsisting on less than a dollar a day. One out of every six adults is HIV positive or has AIDS. More than 700,000 children have lost one or both parents to the disease. Klaus Schoenwiese, a 44-year-old native of Germany who lives in New York City, is a photographer specializing in travel and portrait work. He went to Zambia to lead the ‘Chishawasha Children’s Photography Workshop’ - with the backing of the Zambian Children’s Fund and New York City-based Kids with Cameras, which serves disadvantaged children. The organization was made famous by the Oscar-winning documentary "Born into Brothels.”

The Chishawasha facility and its sister non-profit organization, the Zambian Children's Fund, were founded in 1999 by Kathe Padilla of Tucson, Arizona, to serve children orphaned by AIDS. Kathe travels between Tucson, AZ and Zambia every three months. After hearing about the growing number of orphaned children in Zambia in 1999, Kathe wanted to help. And help she did! Starting out from a rented Lusaka apartment she grew ‘Chishawasha’ into seven houses for 67 orphaned children and a 12 classroom school where an additional 40 children are fed, clothed and educated. Kathe will share the children's stories and talk about her efforts to raise children in a country ravaged by poverty and disease.

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Saturday March 15 - Friday March 28/2008
Reception on Saturday March 15 from 6.00 - 9.00pm

Exhibition at the Manhattan World Culture Open Center
at 19 West 26th Street (between 6th Ave and B'way) - 5th floor

Photographer Klaus Schoenwiese - Solo Show
Chishawasha Children's Home - Lusaka, Zambia
Companion Photo Documentation introducing this small Zambian Orphanage

In May 2007 NYC Photographer Klaus Schoenwiese brought a Children's Photography Workshop to Chishawasha - a small Zambian Home and School for children orphaned by AIDS. His workshop was prominently featured in the November issue of Smithsonian Magazine ( see online at http://www.smithsonianmag.com/zambia ). Hosted by the Manhattan World Culture Open Center, this show mainly features the photographer’s own work. Being the documentary companion to a planned Chishawasha Students' Exhibition, the current WCO show also displays select samples of student work, here on view as high-end 20x30 silver rag archival pigment gallery prints.

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Friday, November 30, from 4-6pm

Manhattan Bellevue Hospital Africa AIDS Fundraiser
Farber Auditorium, 1rst Ave (at 26th Street), New York

You are invited to the second annual Bellevue PIDC Hip Hop Africa AIDS Fundraiser. All money raised will go directly to care to NYU/Bellevue's Dr. Essajee Shaffiq HIV clinic in Kenya and the organization Keep a Child Alive.
While working with our PIDC youth, they and I were inspired to focus on those less fortunate than themselves and find different, meaningful ways to express themselves re AIDS or other teen issues.  Last year our event was a huge success.  And we want to do it again. This year I have invited Elizabeth Santiso from www.keepachildalive.org and Klaus Schoenwiese from www.kids-with-camera.org to present. Dr. Elizabeth Scheider will be speaking about her experience working in a clinic specializing in HIV care of parents and children in Kenya.  We will also be showcasing a clip from the documentary, "We Will Not Die Like Dogs", about HIV in Africa, by the director Lisa Russell.  And of course we will hopefully have many youth poets, and maybe even yourself.
Natalie Schrape

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Wednesday, November 20, 6:30 p.m.
SoHo Photo Gallery at 15 White Street -Tribeca, New York.

PhotoGroup Salon - Monthly group presentation series
Klaus Schoenwiese presents: Welcome to Chishawasha - Slide Show and Q&A

The PhotoGroup Salon is supported by the efforts of hard working volunteers. To help pay for the space rentals there is a $10.00 per person charge at the door. (Presenters and 1 guest of each presenter are free.)

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Monday, Oct. 15, 7pm
Park West Camera Club at SoHo Photo Gallery, 15 White Street - Tribeca, New York
Kids-with-Cameras Speaking Engagement and Zambia Project Presentation

For more information please contact Marilyn Fish-Glynn:
ph: 212-685-8784 email: mfishglynn@yahoo.com

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Greetings, Klaus Schoenwiese

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