Thank You's and Acknowledgments

El Movimiento - 'Picking up the Pieces'

Nebaj - Guatemala 2002

The 'El Descanso' crew:

After a long day of experiencing the challenging cultural realities of the Indigenous population - there was a place for us in Nebaj. A true oasis. A place of recovery, healing and garden burgers...the restaurant-cafe 'El Descanso' - 'The 'Rest'. Thank you so much!

Greg, a Peace-Corps volunteer and Miguel, Elias, Magdalena and Ana, the local owner-staff established El Descanso to offer spoiled Gringo brats like us the welcome illusion of 'home-coming' if only for a while. It works! After an hour or so we would step out the magic door and - Swoosh: Suddenly be back in Nebaj, Guatemala - refreshed and ready for more.