Thank You's and Acknowledgments

El Movimiento - 'Picking up the Pieces'

Nebaj - Guatemala 2002

Our Guatemalan language schools:

Guatemala offers an amazing number of Spanish laguage schools. While most any of them are likely to be of decent quality, the two schools we visited were excellent. If they won't teach you, no one will...

Special thanks to our two wonderful teachers at Celas Maya: Alejandra López and Martha Elizabeth Zárate

. You made learning fun!

San Pedro Spanish school - San Pedro la Laguna, Lago di Atitlan:

If you can appreciate an interesting blend of Indigenous- and Hippie culture, this small lake-side town is the ticket for your Spanish studies. There are many schools, but only one by this exact name, and their lake-view garden is unbeatable.

Celas Maya Spanish School - Quetzaltenango:

'Xela' is our favorite modern Guatemalan city, not to be missed. The school offers a very friendly and open court yard setting and internet facillities. The staff is is awesome.

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