Thank You's and Acknowledgments

El Movimiento - 'Picking up the Pieces'

Nebaj - Guatemala 2002

The volunteer translators:

Special thanks to Theresa de Marcos de Paz of Nebaj, Diego Ramírez of Salquil Grande as well as to a mystery man in Acul who's name we can't recall. They interpreted between Quiche Majan and Spanish. Without them there simply would have been no interviews.

Badly needed help to translate a very raw Spanish manuscript into English was given by Rebecca of San Francisco who never gave me a lasting contact info. Let's hope she'll see this: Thanks Rebecca!

Klaus Schoenwiese is to be blamed for editing and final wording of the English text.

A re-translation into Spanish was done by
Marvelena, a Peruvian born San Francisco resident who took on this project just in time for it's one year aniversary. She is also holding a full time job and has been nursing her husband's broken leg. Thanks for doing a great job under less than ideal conditions!

Proof reading, corrections and putting the language up to par with Guatemalan idiosyncracies was done in warp speed by
Lucia Rosales

. A New York resident imported from Guatemala City, she usually does other things she's equally good at: Being an architect and an actress.

Both Rebecca and Marvelena responded to my listing on '' - a fabulous online community resource for San Francisco and other American cities.