Thank You's and Acknowledgments

El Movimiento - 'Picking up the Pieces'

Nebaj - Guatemala 2002

The nine subjects - and Us of course: Thanks Leah! Thanks Klaus:

Dear subjects - Thank you for the trust you placed in us. Consider this project a way of giving back to a country that greatly enriched our life for three all too short months. We had a fantastic time in Guatemala.

I would like to thank Leah Ross- for being a wonderful companion and supportive assistant throughout this project.

Statement of Intent:

"Today's media are for the most part reluctant to look at life without the hype. This seems regrettable: Much in life happens quietly - too much noise and we can't hear what's essential. Too much sensationalism and we loose our own feel for life.

We should worry about purpose. I need to be at least hopeful that down the road my work will lead to something good or at least help putting things into perspective."

Klaus Schoenwiese currently lives and works in New York City. An editorial photographer by trade, he enjoyed working on a project like this - being of a type that's found no more in magazines.