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aribbean Coast and Tayrona - a short trip to Colombia

The scary things you've heard about Colombia: Drug war, kidnappings, beautiful women... they're probably all true. But Colombia is also a great place to visit: You will find a unique and colorful people, great music, great food, wonderful landscapes. Even though a good number of areas continue to be off limits to the average traveler, Colombia's prime destinations can be reached easily and enjoyed safely. More often than not, our only fellow travellers were Colombians taking a reprieve from the chills of city life or the chills of the altiplano, well determined and always prepared to have a good time. Politics aside, Colombians seem to be enthusiastic fans of their own culture and country. We can't blame them. On this short visit to the Carribbean coast we flew to Cartagena. Its lifely old-town offers intimate colonial architecture, sophisticated shopping, fine dining and accommodations for every budget. We traveled by bus, by boat and even by foot, visiting close-by coastal areas of Cartagena as well as the region around Santa Marta. The truly spectacular Tayrona National Park was a highlight not to be missed. Due to a largely restricted tourism infrastrucure, its beaches offer unmatched serenity. Dschungle trekking the coastal mountains along amazing ancestoral pathways takes you deep into the rain forest, where you can visit ancient ritual sites. I returned via Bogota, which could have made for a pleasant day or two at any better time of the year. Alas - Bogota's weather was (seasonably) terrible... and all too soon my memories of the balmy Caribbean Coast turned from a mere lively to feverish... the onset of a nasty flu. It was time to get home and get well.

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