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rabi Province, Thailand - Novices visiting Wat Tham Seua


Visiting a Buddhist monastery while in Thailand is a spiritual, social - and in the case of Wat Tham Seua, a physical experience one shouldn't miss!

While I was there to attend religious ceremonies during Songkran, these visiting novices of Wat Kaew easily beat me to the top of the 1237 steps leading to the shrine ontop of a very steep ridge. As I arrived out of breath, they had some water waiting for me and promptly saved me from the faux-pas of not removing my shoes before taking in the well-earned spectacular 180 degree arial view this towering shrine affords onto Krabi's famous limestone ridges in the north and the open fields below. And yes - I do have photos of it all.


Enjoy life!

Greetings, Klaus :-)

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