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Songkran - Wet and Wild...

hailand's Water Festival - Part One: On the Road, Krabi Province


Songkran marks the change-over to a a new year on the Thai-Bhuddist's traditional lunar calendar.
Come April 13 and it's time for spiritual cleansing - and a public soaking to give everyone a fresh start.
Aside from a sudden peak in traffic deaths - for reasons like 'getting a bucket of water in one's face
while transporting an intoxicated crowd of revellers' - it's all in good fun, very non-agressive,
loving and playful -
Thais know how to party hearty...'Sanuk' is what they call it.
One advise: Leave your camera at home - unless it's 100% waterproof.

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The less wet sides of Songkran are available on request - For now don't forget:

Better Soaked than Sorry !

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