laborday-weekend, tower air, jfk to
san francisco... the past couple of
weeks down there in new york zoo
were a blur to him. california had
seemed such a good place to run to,
especially since he was to meet L.,
his latest love- interest, a rather cute
and foreseeably unpredictable girl,
who fed his hope of finding love.
the plan was clear: they would drive
out to the mountains, and far away
from confusion there would be the


serenity and beauty that commonly
is favorable to the odds of finding love.
this plan, so dear to him, was ruined before his:
eyes, because a 'better' plan was forced on him;
he now was supposed to be excited sharing his
love-interest with four strangers she called friends,
to drive eight hours out into a despicable void
of a flat, boring, dried-out 'lake bed' called
blackrock desert and gather there with at least
ten thousand additional strangers under the
brain-frying sun of nowhere, nevada!
sitting in the plane all he could think was:
here goes my holiday! - how the f...
did I get into this!? - it wasn 't pretty.
by the end of the first day in the desert
nothing he had hoped for was coming his way,
and he started feeling anxious and depressed,
much more than what he thought was reasonable.
what the hell was happening to him?!